Due to its high purity, silicone is very suitable for contact with food and medical applications.

Silicone has the following qualitys:


  • A very good resistance to UV-radiation, cold, heat and ozone.
  • It can be sterilized with all common methods.
  • A good resistance to warm oils.
  • An extremely good compression set. (Especially the oil resistant grades.)
  • It can be both elecrically conductive and non-conductive while also heat conductive.
  • It is available from 10 – 90 Shore A.
  • Can be offered with temperature resistance from – 95°c to + 300°c.
  • It can be offered in the most colours.
  • Many qualities are suitable for use in food and pharmacutical industries.



With many years within the business, we are experts on silicone rubber.

We have a large flexible capacity and can offer samples from 1kg and up, depending on what you need.
We also have a closed mixer in which we produce our own self-adhesive tape rubber.
All compounds have their own batch number and can easily be traced.



We offer the most common delivery pre-forms with exception of calendered silicone.

“Endless” talced strips from 10 – 100 mm diameter delivered in big boxes with max. ca 400 kg per box. The cylindrical strip will be pressed into a rectangular preform after desired measurements.
“Endless” talced profiles of 10 x40 mm or 15 x 75 mm. Other measurements to specification if needed.
Delivery in sheets. Thickness ca 2 cm, length ca 120 cm and width ca 30 cm. In rolls with plastic sheet in between.

Press cut according to specified weight and dimension.

Endless strips as per above but without talcum.

Other pre-forms on request.